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Legal Contractors

Step 1:  Initial call

Start our journey together with our 30-minute discovery call to see if we can help with your firm's needs!

This pivotal conversation serves as an opportunity for us to acquaint ourselves with one another and address any queries you may have about our procedures.

Should you find that we align well with your firm and its goals, we'll promptly work to summarize your needs, propelling us forward to the next phase of our collaboration!

Step 2:  Job Quoting

Using the summary of duties and scope of work from the discovery call, we will provide a custom quote and contract tailored to your needs.  Special pricing can also be quoted if the scope of work will be ongoing.  If you need it, just ask and we can accommodate!

Step 3:  Onboarding

Syncing up with your system and files are critical to providing the service level you expect.  We will begin this process to seamlessly integrate into your firm's processes and procedures.  We can even help in this area! 

Step 4:  Collaboration

Ongoing collaboration with attorneys, staff and clients are the strength of our business.  Whether it's a short project, trial preparation, or just added paralegal help to get keep your firm going.  We are here to help and serve your needs.

Ready to move forward?

It all starts here.  I'd like to meet you and see if I can help!

For inquiries anytime, click button below and we can schedule a time that works for you.


Steps to work together

Benefits of Using Legal Contractors for your Firm

  • Savings - Law firms that choose to employ legal contractors (paralegals, legal assistants, attorneys, etc.) as independent contractors can save thousands annually. By only staffing for necessary hours, firms reduce expenses associated with full-time employees, including taxes and benefits.​

  • Expertise - Vantage's legal contractors operate out of Georgia, offering a distinct advantage. This geographic flexibility means you're not limited to sourcing experienced candidates solely within your local vicinity. As a result, our clients can entrust their most intricate tasks with confidence, gaining a fresh reassurance in the capabilities of their teams.

  • Flexibility - Solo attorneys and small law firms often face unpredictable fluctuations in workload, experiencing either overwhelming demand or periods of scarcity. Our range of staffing options is designed to offer flexibility during these ebbs and flows. This flexibility is coupled with the assurance of having dedicated support at your disposal.

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